Asthma Resource Center


Asthma Resource Center

Although asthma cannot be cured, with the right plan it can be managed very effectively. We’ve put together this Asthma Resource Center as an easy access collection of documents, videos, common questions and websites which have proven beneficial to our patients in managing asthma through the years.


Asthma Action Plan

Asthma Fast Facts for Kids

Asthma Triggers

Helping Your Child Manage Their Asthma

Medicines for Asthma

Preventing Asthma Symptoms

What is Asthma? 


Instructions for Asthma Medication Devices

ASMANEX Twisthaler

Nebulizer Handout

Aerochamber Plus Mask

Aerochamber Plus Mouthpiece


Pulmicort Flexhaler

Using an Inhaler for Asthma

Uso de un inhalador para el asma

InspiraChamber Instructions

Qvar RediHaler Instructions


Important Links

Childhood Asthma Control Test: 4-11 years old

Asthma Control Test: 12 years or older



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