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Keeping your children healthy is a daily task. You encourage them to eat healthily, to get plenty of sleep and physical activity, and to drink water. But you don’t have to be the sole supporter of their health. The dedicated team at My Kids’ Doctor helps your children grow strong and healthy with each annual exam. To schedule this important preventive care visit for your son or daughter, call their office in Kissimmee or Orlando, Florida, or book it online.

Annual Exam Q & A

What is an annual exam?

An annual exam is a yearly visit to My Kids’ Doctor so your son or daughter can get a thorough health checkup. During this appointment, your My Kids’ Doctor practitioner has the opportunity to screen your child for any health conditions and talk with both you and your child about their health goals. 

Then, you all work together to help them lead their healthiest, most vibrant lives. With just one visit a year, you set your child on the path to a long, active, healthy life. 

What does an annual exam entail?

There are two key components to an annual exam at My Kids’ Doctor.

Health history review

Your own health is an important indicator of possible health risks for your child. During this portion of your child’s annual wellness exam, you talk about your family health history. This way, your son or daughter’s My Kids’ Doctor practitioner can screen them for any health conditions towards which they’re genetically predisposed. 

You also talk about their personal health history, including any illnesses, injuries, allergies, asthma, or other health conditions they’ve experienced. Again, knowing this information helps your My Kids’ Doctor practitioner tailor preventive and proactive care to your son or daughter. 

Physical exam

Your child’s annual exam also includes a portion to check the physical state of their body. The My Kids’ Doctor practitioner takes their vitals, including heart rate and temperature. They measure their height and weight to ensure your child is growing normally and healthily. Other tests are performed, like a reflex test or listening to your child’s heart and lungs with a stethoscope, to ensure that everything in their body is working as it should. At the end of this portion of the exam, you can rest easy knowing that your child has been thoroughly screened for a wide range of health challenges. 

At what age should my child start getting annual exams?

Immediately. In fact, during infancy and through the first few years of life, My Kids’ Doctor recommends these visits on a more regular basis to ensure your child is growing and developing healthily in these critical first years. Once your child reaches the age of four, the annual visits are sufficient to monitor their overall health. 

Set up your child’s annual exam by calling My Kids’ Doctor or scheduling it online today.