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As a parent, you know that ear infections are par for the course. But that doesn’t mean you want to watch your child suffer from the symptoms of that infection. The practitioners at My Kids’ Doctor are committed to delivering effective ear infection treatment to bring your child relief. If your child has ear pain, get started with treatment by calling their offices in Kissimmee or Orlando, Florida, or scheduling your appointment online.

Ear Infection

What causes an ear infection?

The middle portion of your ear has small tubes called Eustachian tubes that run from your ear to the back of your throat. These tubes are supposed to balance the pressure of your middle ear with the outside air pressure. 

But in cases of ear infection, these Eustachian tubes get blocked or swollen. This causes pressure buildup in the middle ear that leads to symptoms including:

  • Ear pain
  • A feeling of pressure within the ear
  • Pus draining from the ear

Left unchecked, ear infections can lead to hearing loss. If your child is complaining of ear pain, make an appointment at My Kids’ Doctor so their practitioner can diagnose the ear infection and get them started with effective treatment. 

Ear infections are common in infants, too. If your infant is unexplainably fussy, it could be because they’re dealing with ear pain. My Kids’ Doctors offers safe and effective ear infection treatment for infants. 

How are ear infections diagnosed?

Fortunately, diagnosing your child’s ear infection is a fast and straightforward process. Your My Kids’ Doctor practitioner uses an otoscope to look into your child’s ear. This way, they can look for the signs of an ear infection. 

They may also take a fluid sample from inside the ear to test at their on-site lab to help them accurately diagnose your child’s ear infection. This way, they can offer the most effective treatment. 

How are ear infections treated?

It depends on the severity of the ear infection. Mild ear infections most often resolve on their own so treatment centers around managing your child’s discomfort. Over-the-counter pain medications or medicated eardrops bring relief. And simple at-home treatments like a warm cloth placed over their ear can be a comfort as well. 

If the ear infection needs more direct treatment, My Kids’ Doctor prescribes antibiotics to clear the infection quickly and bring your child relief. 

Chronic ear infections, or ear infections that recur, are common. In these cases, the My Kids’ Doctor team works with you to keep your child’s ears healthy and pain-free. 

Ear pain doesn’t have to be a part of your son or daughter’s life. To get started with ear infection diagnosis and treatment, call My Kids’ Doctor or book your appointment with their ear treatment experts online.