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My Kids’ Doctor knows that, as a parent, there’s nothing worse than waiting to get clarity about what’s causing your child discomfort or pain. That’s why they have their own on-site medical lab testing facility. With a lab located at their office, the medical team can offer your child faster diagnoses so you can get them started with the right treatment quickly. To learn more about the on-site testing available at their offices in Kissimmee and Orlando, Florida, call the team or book your visit online.

On-Site Medical Lab Testing Q & A

What is on-site medical lab testing?

There are many cases in which My Kids’ Doctor uses a lab to deliver the most accurate diagnosis possible for your son or daughter. Even if they can see the signs of strep throat or an ear infection, for example, taking a small sample and testing it at the lab gives them certainty that they’re offering your child the most effective treatment possible. 

The problem, of course, is that lab testing takes time, particularly when that sample has to be sent away to an off-site location. And while you wait for the test to be completed, your son or daughter is stuck with his or her symptoms. 

My Kids’ Doctor wanted a way to expedite this process to give their patients relief from their symptoms faster. And that’s why they chose to integrate a lab into their practice. 

With on-site medical lab testing, the medical team gets diagnoses faster, which means your child can get started with the treatment they need to get relief quickly. 

What kind of sample is collected for the testing?

It depends on the condition that’s affecting your son or daughter. My Kids’ Doctor prioritizes their comfort and safety. In most cases, collecting the sample to send to the lab is a fast and completely pain-free process. 

For example, if you think your child might have strep throat, the medical team can get the sample needed to confirm a diagnosis by simply running a cotton swab over an area inside your child’s mouth. 

How fast can the on-site medical lab get test results?

It depends on the test, but My Kids’ Doctor always strives to get results as quickly as possible. They’re dedicated to alleviating your child’s symptoms and they know that fast test turnaround is key. Their lab works as quickly as possible while still ensuring accuracy in the test results. 

No parent likes to live with uncertainty. Your My Kids’ Doctor practitioner lets you know exactly what to expect for how quickly you will receive the results from your child’s specific test or tests. 

To learn more about the on-site medical lab testing available at My Kids’ Doctor, call the team or schedule your appointment online.